Magna-Clip Magazine Carrier



Introducing the revolutionary N8 Tactical Magna-Clip magazine carrier, designed to keep your spare
magazines secure and concealed. The N8 Tactical Magna-Clip mag carrier features a powerful magnetic
system that keeps your magazine in place, without any extra hardware or bulky clips.

The N8 Tactical Magna-Clip mag carrier is designed to fit covertly inside your pocket, with a low-profile
design that won’t bulge or print. This means you can carry your spare magazine with you wherever you
go, without anyone knowing

The magnetic system used in the N8 Tactical Magna-Clip mag carrier is incredibly strong, and will hold
your magazine firmly in place, even during rigorous physical activity. You won’t have to worry about
your magazine falling out or shifting around while you move.

The N8 Tactical Magna-Clip mag carrier is also incredibly easy to use. To insert your magazine, simply
place it against the carrier and let the magnet do the rest. To remove your magazine, give it a firm tug
and it will release from the carrier.

The N8 Tactical Magna-Clip mag carrier is perfect for anyone who needs to carry a spare magazine, but
wants to do so in a discreet and convenient way. Whether you’re a law enforcement officer, military
personnel, or simply a responsible gun owner, the N8 Tactical mag carrier is the ideal solution for
carrying your spare magazines.

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