OT2 Micro IWB Holster (Inside The Waistband)


• Patented Tuckable Design
• Multi-Fit Pocket for Small/Subcompact Handguns
• Durable Leather Surface
• Moisture Proof Neoprene Core
• Soft Suede Backing
• Patent Pending LockDown Clip
• Adjustable Cant
• Two Week, Try It Free Guarantee
• Lifetime Warranty

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Comfortable and Concealable for your smaller Handguns.
The OT2 Micro IWB Holster by N8 Tactical.

Multi-Fit Pocket

So your looking for a comfortable holster that will keep the grip off of your side, and will fit multiple pistols. You’ve come to the right place! The OT2 Micro Inside the Waistband Holster is the perfect combination of comfort and convenience. Featuring the tuckable lockdown clip from our classic Tuckable Holster with the multi-fit elastic pocket found on our flagship Original Holster, you can now fit multiple pistols in one small and comfortable package.

The OT2 Micro IWB Holster comes in two sizes. To confirm what other guns your holster will fit, please Click Here.

The OT2 Micro Inside the Waistband Holster by N8 Tactical offers multiple fits for the markets most popular smaller firearms. Whether you are looking for a holster for your Sig P938, Springfield Hellcat, or one of many other smaller framed pistols.

3 Layer Patented Backer

When comfort counts the patented N8 Tactical backer is your go to. The backer is comprised of three crucial components married together to offer superior comfort. The durable leather surface will not mar or scratch your firearm while providing a clean and smooth surface to draw from. The middle layer of the backer features a moisture proof neoprene core. This core not only protects your firearm from sweat and body oils but it also offers a compression cushion to eliminate the firearm from pushing into your body. Last but not least the body side of the backer features a silky smooth layer of ultra-comfortable suede. This suede is the finishing touch to the most comfortable holster backer on the market.

Patent Pending LockDown Clip and Adjustable Cant

Our patent pending lockdown Clip gives you the flexibility to achieve your desired cant angle easily. You simply loosen the screw, adjust your clip to the desired angle, and retighten the screw, its simple! The teeth on the back of the injection molded clip will align with the teeth on the adapter ring to lock the clip into place and ensure limited mobility.

Two Week, Try It Free Guarantee

The OT2 Micro Inside the Waistband Holster by N8 Tactical features a “Two Week, Try It Free Guarantee”. If for any reason you are unhappy with your holster within the first two weeks of receiving it, N8 Tactical will buy it back (minus shipping and handling).

Lifetime Warranty

The OT2 Micro IWB Holster by N8 Tactical comes with a hassle free lifetime warranty. If your OT2 Micro IWB Holster fails at any time send it back to N8 Tactical and we will replace or repair it. For complete warranty information and shipping and handling description please Click Here.

** Please note that the backer size may vary depending on firearm selection**

  1. SG Wade

    Living on the tropical island Guam, I researched for an EDC holster for my Sig Sauer P365. After filling a drawer full of holsters, I came across the N8 OT2 Micro IWB. I was disappointed when I tried ordering and the website wouldn’t let me order when I got to the shipping phase. Companies still get confused when shipping to Guam, thinking its an International Rate when US Postal Service ships at regular and flat-rates, but was very appreciative after contacting N8 Tactical Customer Service. No extra charges and regular USPS shipping rates, with a quick delivery after they made the holster.

    The holster is top notch quality. The layered construction gives it a well built, a solid holster with a great, soft suede backing that’s perfect for the humid weather out here. The one of a kind backing behind the aggressive texturing of modern day polymer grips, like those on the P365, is so comfortable you can wear it all day and night. The adjustable belt clip allows me to move the gun depending on my type of carry for the day, at the 3 o’clock, small of the back, or appendix carry, depending on my attire that day. And the multi-fit pocket lets me transition between my P365 and my other small frame handguns.

    The perfect EDC holster. Comfortable, well constructed, versatile, and smartly-priced.

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